A woman fights to save her love relationship and begins to question whether the work is worth it as the consequences of her actions and of those around her spiral out of control.

Long Synopsis - Candle Love is a romantic drama-comedy, in the spirit of Pretty in Pink, about one woman's fight to save her love relationship against all odds. The story revolves around Cammie and Greg, her fiancé. Greg experiences life's ups and downs and Cammie stands by him through thick and thin, giving unconditionally. Greg is a good man and wants to carry his own weight. But, insecurities about his relationship with his parents cause him to resist, and even resent, Cammie's efforts to help him and their relationship. As problems escalate for the couple, Cammie experiences increased pressure from her family to end her relationship with Greg.

Cammie's sister, Kelly, is her diametric opposite and life-long competitor. Kelly believes in "keeping it real" and that others never appreciate your hard work and sacrifices. Kelly spends her days plotting and scheming to get ahead by taking advantage of others, including Cammie and Penny, Kelly's boyfriend, the neighborhood loan shark who has an affinity for violence.

Struggling to save her love relationship, Cammie gets advice from her good friend Chucky, an underachiever-slacker who lives at home with his parents, loves to play video games, dreams of opening a hair salon for "broke kids", and has a few serious problems of his own.

The story reinforces the concept that Sacrifice is Love while asking the questions, "How much should I give?” and "When are you sacrificing too much?" and “Is love worth all of the work?”

Candle Love makes us question our concepts of love, teaches us something about the value of personal sacrifice, and leaves us with an important message about the effects of our choices on others.